Based in New York City, Tiger Darrow is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Beginning her career as a classically trained cellist, Darrow uses her training to create lush soundscapes in her production, and draws upon the likes of Sleigh Bells, St. Vincent, and Sufjan Stevens for inspiration.

As a vocalist, Darrow has been featured on dozens of albums, including Wakey!Wakey!'s Overreactivist, Yanni Burton's SameOldLoveDevin Levi's Elegant Like Wax, Bonomo's Phases, and more. Her voice and music have also been featured in a variety of soundtracks and commercials such as the History Channel's Nelson Mandela Redrawn, Crushed, 2016's 48-Hour Sci-Fi Film Festival winner, Sunspring, and Famous Footwear's 2015 Summer Campaign.

As a songwriter, Tiger has released 3 solo albums, and collaborated with other songwriters and producers all across the globe. Some of her most recent co-writing can be heard in KYYN's "Stay Lit," (with Kyndyl Miller), Zhora's "Lights" (with Taylor Rea and Adam Pickrell) and in her most recent project, Tiger + Man (with Andrew Orkin).